DECEMBER 2020. Night walk in borensberg
October 2020. Portrait workshop
Some shots from a portrait workshop with Knut Koivisto.
September 2020. 40!
Another ten years added to the book of wisdom.
August 14, 2020. Jump!
An afternoon and evening spent with takeaway and much laughter at Varamon. Freya was really eager to take some cool shots.
July 26, 2020. Summer vibes
May 16, 2020. Aqua colors
March 8, 2020. Hotels

February 15, 2020. The sun.
There have been about three months of november grey weather. At least the sun rises earlier and sets later these days.

December 7, 2019. Evening.
Not very much interesting daylight this time of the year so let's resort to evening shots instead.
October 26, 2019. Best of October.
A month filled with ups and downs. Here's a short summary with some of my favourites.
September 29, 2019. First week of my 50/50-project.
I've joined the #5050project10 - project on Instagram, which means that I post one image every day shot with a normal lens, around 50mm. These are the photos from the first week.
September 24, 2019. Magical morning and spa afternoon
The morning commute took 30 minutes longer than usual. I had to stop several times to try to catch the beautiful fog that only comes about three times a year.
The afternoon was spent at the KlosterSpa in Vadstena. Andytime deluxe.
September 6, 2019. Friday lunch at The Box Hotel
After having a lunch break with some friends at the hotel, I sneaked around to see what kind of place this was. I was surprised to find such a comfy lounge.
September 5, 2019. Mjärdevistafetten
Always fun to see what the runners come up with to try to win the special prizes.
August 27, 2019. Visualiseringscenter
Day trip to Visualiseringscenter in Norrköping. Well worth a visit.
August 6, 2019. Last day of summer vacation
Jumps and splashes ad infinitum. Just after this, a giant thunderstorm appeared.
July 24, 2019. Camping for life
One of the warmest weeks this summer. We took our giant tent and drove to Gränna for a two-night camping vacation.
July 12, 2019. Freya's birthday and golf
Me and the boys went to Kaffeteriet in Borensberg for some fika and golf. Met Elinor and Freya who took a break in the preparations for Freya's birthday who happened to be this day.
July 10, 2019. Summer evening along the Göta Kanal
A warm summer evening. I love taking a walk along the water.
July 10, 2019. Skänninge
The family tried to do something different for a change, so we drove to Skänninge only to find out that it is a very very dull city.
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